Acura Engineering on-site oxygen generator systems are perfect for anyone who wants their own flexible and reliable supply of oxygen without compromising on quality. Acura Engineering Oxygen Generators allow you to produce the gas exactly where you need it, when you need it.

  • Produce as per Demand
  • Avoid Cylinder Availability Issues
  • Avoid Logistics and Management Problem
  • Faster Payback period within 1Year and lesser
  • Eliminate safety risk associated with handling high pressure cylinders
  • Oxygen as per ISO 10083
  • Gas sensors and PLC Based Warning system
  • Concentration up to 93 ± 3%

At Aqua Engineering, our water plant professionals are experts in installing and maintaining these water plants. We are the leading packaged drinking water plant manufacturer using innovative technology to stand out in the competition. Our packaged drinking water plants and our installation services have been recognized as the best by our clients. We provide your water packaging and bottling business, a new technical dimension in a cost-effective quote. As we have a large number of clients in the domain of packaged drinking water plant, we guarantee that they get a longer functional life, unmatched performance levels, minimum maintenance and easy operating facility with the plants. The best quality of raw materials and latest technology go hand in hand in manufacturing the mineral water plants.

The specifications of packaged drinking water plants differ depending on their bottling capacity. The common specifications would include:

  • Pressure sand filter
  • RO module Kit
  • Water storage tank
  • Capacity: 500 LPH to 50000 LPH
  • Activated carbon filter
  • UV system
  • Raw Water Pump
  • Anti scalent pump
  • Ozone circulation pump
  • Voltage: 110-440V

Principle of Operation
Drying Cycle : Purified (Moisture and oil free) air from the compressed air system, Passing through one of the tower filled with Molecular Sieves (Zeolite type). The sieves selectively adsorbs nitrogen, allowing oxygen to pass through at the desired purity level.
Regeneration Cycle : During regeneration cycle, the sudden depressurisation brings out nitrogen molecules strapped in the sieves pores to the surface of the beads. Small portion of oxygen from the drying tower is passes over the sieves through the regeneration orifice. This results in complete regeneration of Molecular Sieves.
The automatic cycling of the adsorption and desorption between the two beds enables the continuous production of oxygen.
Detailed design of process parameters followed by extensive validation has resulted in consistant performance in Oxygen Series.
Highly reliable PLC based controller with digital display of generator operations.
Refrigeration Dryer

  • Highly Efficient refrigeration air dryer for pretreatment of compressed air
  • Dew point as per ISO 8573 class 4
  • Eco friendly refrigerant (R134a, R407c)
High Efficient Coalescing filters to remove
  • Moisture
  • Dust Particle up to 0.01 micron
  • Oil Aerosols up to 0.003mg/cu.m Bacteria Penetration up to 0.0001%
Oxygen Generator
  • PSA type oxygen generator to achieve the purity of 93±3%.
  • Highly reliable valves and components tested as per industrial standard.
  • Oxygen compatible materials.
PLC Based controller with Digital Display
  • Gas Purity
  • Pressure
  • Failure warning visual & Audible
  • Operation hours
  • Provide indication of plant maintenance schedule Air
Air and Oxygen Tank
  • Compressed air and oxygen tanks are designed as per IS 2825
  • Anti-corrosive paint for better life
  • Optional : SS Tank
  • Pressure Safety valve, Pressure gauges and draining system for automatic and manual