Effluent Treatment Plant

Acura Engineering industrial wastewater treatment plants are an ideal solution for processing wastewater and effluent from any industrial application. We design our industrial sewage systems to suit site specific wastewater characteristics and to meet any effluent standard. Our industrial sewage treatment solutions are compact and energy efficient. By using reliable processes and a variety of technology we are able to produce industrial wastewater treatment plants that have minimal running costs and trouble free operation. Our industrial sewage treatment systems are suitable for both above ground or below ground installation, regardless of the application type. Furthermore, we design and manufacture our industrial sewage systems to international standards and have global reference projects for the technology we use. There are no restrictions when it comes to the wastewater type or the target effluent quality. Some typical industrial applications for our industrial sewage treatment plants include;

The Principle

Its working on the principle of Aerobic Treatment with the help of aerobic bacteria, which is most conventional and proven method throughout the world. Envicare's Modified Septic Tank (MST) Systems – Its works on principle on anaerobic digestion.

Technologies Used

  • Food processing
  • Breweries
  • Abattoirs
  • Fish processing plants
  • Industrial process effluent
  • Dairy applications
  • Farm process effluent
  • Leachate

The strength and composition of process effluent will vary depending on how the industry produces it. For this reason, we design and supply complete packaged plants for treating effluent specific to a particular industry. For non-standard or specialist applications, we can offer wastewater analysis and pilot scale plant testing to guarantee our finished solution will meet effluent targets.
Brewery Wastewater Treatment Brewery wastewater and process effluent may not be significant in volume, but it can be high in contaminants and unsuitable for direct discharges to sewer systems. We can offer a wastewater treatment solution to match your needs.
Meat Processing and Abbatoirs – Blood, fats and grease combine to produce wastewater that is high in contaminants. We can offer treatment solutions incorporating sieving, blending/buffering, flotation and high-efficiency biological treatment together with sludge management. These treatment processes are available in combination or individually.
Dairy Processing – Dairy wastewater can differ significantly depending on the processes in use and the end product. Wastewater can have a low nutrient value and can have high disinfectant concentrations. We offer solutions regardless of the application, from cheese processing to large-scale dairy facilities.
Highly Contaminated Wastewater – There are many types of facility that produce effluent and runoff with high organic concentrations. Regardless of this, we have solutions that can incorporate high-performance biological treatment or treatment in phases as an alternative. We have extensive experience in a range of industrial wastewater treatment technologies, continue reading to find out more.